The Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival will be taking place over Thanksgiving weekend, October 7th, 8th and 9th at the Iceberg Arena.

Hours are Saturday 11am to 6pm and Sunday 1pm to 6pm.

This Festival is a celebration of local food and crafts with Partridgeberry and Harvest themes, Farmers and Crafts Marketplace and of course delicious foods to eat. A berry-based menu is in the works again.

Many exciting things happen at out festival such as Celebrating our Communities and Culture! Great food, wonderful music, demonstrations all weekend by our local artisans guild, many local vendors with so much handmade crafts, sweets, and beautiful jams/jellies, pickles and partridgeberry jam tarts. Our Featured Artist this year is Marc Fiset of Fogo Island Metalworks!


There is a new contest this year at the Partridgeberry Harvest Festival and we would like to encourage everyone to enter your BEST ZESTY PICKLES!!! At the 9th Annual Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival!!! Lets show them how its done here. We have the best produce and jam preservers around. You could win a harvest Prize for the best PICKLES.
Enter your pickles on Saturday afternoon!!!
Pickles will be judged on the Harvest Competition table on Sunday afternoon.

Schedule of Events for the 2016 Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival.

Friday October 7th, 2016

To Be Announced

Saturday October 8th, 2016

11:00am – 6:00pm

Featured Artist – Mark Fiset Fogo Island Metalworks

Kids  Activities Tent – Boat Building,

Kids Entertainer – Shelly Bean and the Duckety Muds
                                      Saturday @ 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Come to the Arena to Celebrate the “Blessing of the FISH” at 2:00pm

Following the blessing of the fish all are welcome to witness another blessing…..The Marriage ceremony of “M’Liz and Don” at 3:00pm

At 4:00pm “The Out Port Square Dancers” will be dancing.

Sunday October 9th, 2016
1:00pm – 6:00pm

Kids Entertainer – Shelly Bean and the Duckety Muds
Sunday @ 2:00pm – 2:45pm and 4:00pm – 4:45pm

Craft and Harvest competition winners will be announced Sunday.

Lots of vendors with some of the best craftsmanship in the world will be at the Fogo Island Iceberg Arena. Along with lots of good food and fun for one and all. Various raffle draws will be happening on both days. There will be a Kids Activities tent with lots of fun things for our children to make and take with them to remember this years festival by. The Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival will have a vegetable stand with fresh grown produce. A Harvest and Crafts Competitions will be taking place this year as it has in previous years. As always there will be live local entertainment throughout the day.

The Festival is funded completely through donations from Building Communities through Arts and Heritage, local businesses, and citizens.

If you would like to make a donation towards our event, please contact Pauline Brown, Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival Director at 709-658-7256 or send an email using this form.


2008 Festival Story

Fogo Island is the home of the Partridgeberry Harvest Festival – a celebration of the islands berry bests! The barrens of Fogo Island are covered in partridgeberries, as well as many other types of berries, and islanders felt is was time to celebrate their good fortune.

“The festival empowered people to see viable economic opportunities for themselves using Island grown berries and vegetables, which is what we set out to do,” says Jonathan Briggs who helped organize last year’s festival.

Produced and run entirely by volunteers, the Partridgeberry Festival was a huge success. There were over 120 entries for the bake-off, produce and arts and crafts competitions. “The standard in all categories was very high and there is clearly a huge amount of talent just waiting to be released here,” says Briggs.